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    From Very Creative To Not-So-Great: Here's What 41 Coronavirus Vaccine Stickers Look Like

    Because there really is nothing Americans love more than getting free stickers.

    "I voted" stickers are so (literally) last year.

    Indiana’s voting sticker is kind of threatening.

    Coronavirus vaccine stickers are now all the rage.

    I was a brave big boy so the fireman gave me a sticker

    Twitter: @Zombie_B_France

    In case you haven't seen them on social media, some vaccination centers are giving out stickers with their shots. Some places even have step-and-repeats and selfie stations. Seriously:

    This is a real thing that exists at an NJ mass vaccination site.

    Twitter: @NoahCRothman

    Because Americans love nothing more than getting a sticker for doing their civic duty, here's a collection of some of the stickers people have been getting:


    Got my 2021 version of an “I Voted” sticker. @WakeGOV’s process was efficient. #covid

    Twitter: @skydiving11


    Twitter: @beerplusplus


    they gave my mom a rocky sticker along with her vax

    Twitter: @welostnathan


    I don’t have enough followers to start anything but I wish someone who did would make a thread showing all the different covid vaccination stickers. Hers mine:

    Twitter: @EileenKelly


    Twitter: @nycsouthpaw


    Just got my second Covid shot. So thankful to the entire medical community from research development to the guys directing the lines. Also, I think Alaska has the best stickers to celebrate! 🥳 💉

    Twitter: @Walton_World


    Got my second Covid-19 shot & they gave me this sticker!

    Twitter: @ErnestStackhou5


    Took my mate for her COVID-19 vaccine today, she got a sticker! I’d better get a sticker when I get my jab!

    Twitter: @ClaireBrock1980


    At what age do kids stop being overjoyed at sticker rewards from the nurse? Because it ain’t 39! #VaxUpIL #covid #vaccine

    Twitter: @NicoleStump6


    My husband & I just got our first covid vaccine and we got this cool sticker.

    Twitter: @Wizards_Lady


    Got my first dose of the vaccine today! And I even got a sticker! #CovidVaccine

    Twitter: @drerikad


    My grandad got his first dose of the vaccine today and got this sticker in the doctors, and he absolutely loves it 😂 this is the first time hes been out in over a year, and I couldn't be happier 🥰😁 #COVIDVaccination

    Twitter: @nicolafxxx

    This appears to be from the UK but had to include it too.


    My spouse & I recieved our 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine last night. The attending nurse gave us these stickers afterwards. I'm beside myself 😭 So many feels.

    Twitter: @booksbodysoul


    Twitter: @hoeverdemon


    What do you call a nurse who administers the Pfizer shot in your arm? A vaccine sticker. pa-rump-pump trying to end that #quarantinelife in #NYC #Ivebeenshot #pfizer

    Twitter: @Linsomniac


    Wore my science mask to get my first vaccine dose! I even revived an awesome COVID Crusader sticker.

    Twitter: @freeflowergirl


    @JoJoFromJerz Hey, the best thing is after the vaccine comes a cool sticker. Takes you back to elementary school 😊☺

    Twitter: @CHUCKRGV1


    I feel like a kindergartner. Two of the most important things in my life these last few months--voting and getting a vaccine--got me cool stickers.

    Twitter: @GregoryDaddis


    Got my vaccine today and I got a really cool sticker #metsfan #LGM

    Twitter: @Johnnystig


    When u get ur covid vaccine at a children’s hospital, you get cool stickers and bandaids.

    Twitter: @craig_osborne


    This teacher for the second #Pfizer vaccine! I even got a sticker this time! #sd194learns #CovidVaccine #GetVaccinated

    Twitter: @ccmusic16


    Got my first vaccine dose today and it came with a cool sticker to put up on the wall in workshop.

    Twitter: @DocCopemys


    Why yes, I did have a little photoshoot with my Culver’s crinkle cut fries and vaccine sticker. They match

    Twitter: @UffdaJen


    My mom got the covid vaccine this morning. Apparently you get a cool sticker too.

    Twitter: @haydez


    @ScottNiswander Vaccines are cool, and they give you stickers! It's like voting, but I'm more enthused!

    Twitter: @kevinrfarren


    i got a cool sticker with my covid-19 vaccine😌🤚🏽

    Twitter: @UCKJose_


    Confession: the only reason I got a COVID vaccine is for the cool sticker. I only noticed afterwards that I grabbed a Spanish one by mistake. (It's also why I vote. For the stickers!)

    Twitter: @dividedbyxir0


    My boyfriend got his covid vaccine and I’m jealous of that AND the fact he got a cool sticker

    Twitter: @haleyemm_


    They didn’t have Superman band-aids, but I did get this cool sticker @childrenswi . Grateful to get the vaccine and thankful for all the people working the vaccine clinic!

    Twitter: @abfoy


    Didn’t manage a ridiculous post call selfie (oops!), but I did get a cool sticker! Grateful to be able to take one step forward with a vaccine #ScienceWins @WCMSurgery @WeillCornell

    Twitter: @laurenbnosanov


    @DeRushaJ The stickers are in MN. Got this one in Coon Rapids.

    Twitter: @Tomulroy424


    Just got my 2nd #vaccine shot at the happiest place on earth! Who doesn’t love a sticker? 😅 Can’t wait to get my momma and the rest of my family vaccinated. #DisneylandSuperPOD #OrangeCounty #superpod #othena

    Twitter: @ArtandYogaGirl


    Would love to see a vaccine sticker contest for NY like your mask ad campaign. @MonroeHealth @NYGovCuomo @melissadderosa @DrMikeMendoza one neighbor had this, but it needs...something else.

    Twitter: @Momofthreeunder


    Got my vaccine today. Bigger sticker than the "I voted" ones...


    Oh thank goodness they gave me a sticker lmao

    Twitter: @RoaminBison



    Twitter: @sambckys


    Not to simp for a corporate entity on the time line, but HEB really did more for me in the last week than the texas and federal gov have done in the last year. And they gave me a sticker.

    Twitter: @OmerButWorse


    I was a good boy they gave me a sticker #covid19 vaccination

    Twitter: @JohnnyFocal


    Twitter: @chasetwogirIs


    My Covid Vaccine sticker deserved a place of honor with my I voted sticker. Second dose down.

    Twitter: @teachcaudill

    41. And lastly, my favorite:

    My dad (60) got the vaccine and they gave him this 😂

    Twitter: @BenedictTown

    Another from the UK.

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