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Used Pairs Of JNCO Jeans Are Being Sold For A Surprising Amount Of Money

What is this world we live in?!

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In case you didn't know, JNCO jeans are about to make a comeback. Like seriously, JNCO is about to put out a line of new jeans.

If you want the real thing, you'll have to pay a surprising amount for the "vintage" pair.

Basically, America's all-time favorite baggy raver jeans are selling on eBay for, like they say, "a pretty penny."

Right now, the pair above is going for over $170, and there's still a day of bidding left. $170!!!!!

This pair of bad boys emblazoned with a, to be honest, pretty cool dragon, is going for $100.

The best part of the dragon JNCOs is the description:

Even better:

Amazing and accurate.

This pair has a starting bid of $120.


These are kind of a steal with the iconic dice logo for $68.


And these corduroys are going for $240.

It's insane.

Sorry former Hot Topic shoppers. These jeans are BACK!

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