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16 Unsettling Facts About New York City And Hurricanes

Get ready for Hurricane Sandy aka the Frankenstorm with these facts. Uh oh.

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2. According to New York City's Office of Emergency Management, the last hurricane to pass directly over the city was in 1821. The storm surge was so high that the city was flooded up to Canal Street.


11. The 1938 also completely decimated the city's communication system.


It basically left New York cut off from the entire world because so many of the city's telegraph lines were torn down.

12. Katharine Hepburn nearly died in the 1938 Long Island Express Hurricane.


She lost about 95% of her personal belongings including an Oscar she won in 1932. The Oscar was later found.

13. The Great September Gale Of 1815 (the word hurricane wasn't used back then) was the first major hurricane to impact New England in 180 years. The storm was so powerful that it rained salt water.


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