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    Taylor Swift's 2017 4th Of July Party Was Very Different From Her 2016 Party

    Uncle Joe and Aunt Pam got drunk and started saying fucked-up shit.

    Taylor Swift's annual 4th of July party is big news. Every year, all of us uglies wait in anticipation for Taylor and her rich-ass friends to upload a shit ton of pics on all of their Instagram accounts. It's like a party for the 1 percent on speed and skim lattes.

    THAT'S HOW IT NORMALLY GOES, but this year's 4th of July Taylorpalooza was decidedly different than her past parties.

    Frat / Best Image / BACKGRID

    ^The huge-ass mansion where the party happens every year in Rhode Island.

    Now, because this is BuzzFeed and this is fun, let's compare last year's party with what might have gone down at this year's party.

    Taylor Swift's 2016 4th of July party: Those bathing suits were prob like $1k each and they definitely took this photo 47 times with slightly different poses to achieve this one where Taylor liked her sideboob.

    Taylor Swift's 2017 4th of July party: Uncle Roger is saying problematic shit after his "breakfast beers."

    Rymi, Agny / Patriot Pics / BACKGRID

    2016: Taylor is being cooked by her four friends.

    2017: That's Cousin Linda trying to be cool w/ gay people by saying she just loves that Andy Cohen.

    Rymi, Agny / Patriot Pics / BACKGRID

    2016: Taylor and a friend walk straight into a fence.

    2017: Aunt Linda's new boyfriend takes a much-needed breather from the family.

    Rymi, Agny / Patriot Pics / BACKGRID

    2016: The poor photographer had to hide in the tube to get this shot. Moments later, they were pummeled.

    2017: This is just an old man staring off a cliff.

    Rymi, Agny / Patriot Pics / BACKGRID

    2016: Taylor and friend are laughing at the photographer after they slammed into them just moments before.

    2017: Taylor's mom and dad stand on the patio in silence because they've been married for 27 years.

    Steffman-rtimages / Steffman-RTimages / Splash News

    2016: That looks both fun and dangerous.

    2017: Cousin Robbie and Uncle Tom argue about a link Robbie posted on Facebook from the website

    Steffman-rtimages / Steffman-RTimages / Splash News

    2016: There is, like, $500 million of people in this picture.

    2017: Cig break?

    Rymi, Agny / Patriot Pics / BACKGRID

    2016: This picture is literally "crowded" with rich and famous people.

    IDK a famous person

    2017: These are literally three random girls with signs outside Taylor's house.

    Agny, Rymi / Patriot Pics / BACKGRID

    Can't wait for next year!