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Feb 6, 2012

UMass Super Bowl Riot

Watch a bunch of UMass students "riot" after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. I love the part when they all run away.

View this video on YouTube

Marissa Faldasz, a junior who filmed the above video, said they were chanting "U.S.A., U.S.A.," and throwing beer cans and toilet paper rolls.

"As soon as the game ended, a bunch of students came running from all across the campus," she said.

It took about 90 minutes for the area to be cleared and 16 students ended up being arrested.

Here's a video inside the crowd:

View this video on YouTube

Chants heard:

"Fuck the Giants"


and lots of blow horns.

And here are some pictures:

Twitter: @!/brandybaye/status/166381789072461824/photo/1 / Via Twitter: @!/ProducerMatthew

These are apparently "non-lethal" weapons.

Twitter: @!/sashinskiii/status/166359464952344578/photo/1