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32 Pictures That Show Just How Incredibly, Insufferably Hot The UK Is Right Now

This is what the hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK looks like.

1. Europe is melting.

2. Trains in Spain are passing through fiery hellscapes.

Momentos de pánico en el tren Madrid-Ferrol a la altura de Zamora-Sanabria, 9:30hs. El tren continuó el trayecto tras unos minutos parado. @renfe @adif @lavozdegalicia

Twitter: @PacoSeoanePerez

3. And it's so hot in France that the roads had to be soaked in water to prevent them from melting.

At the Tour de France, organisers pour water on the road to stop it melting under the riders👇 “Climate change is driving this heatwave, just as it is driving every #heatwave now," @FrediOtto #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #Heatwave2022 #ClimateAction

Twitter: @StefSimanowitz

4. But we're here to talk about the UK in particular, because they just broke the record for the highest temperature EVER recorded there. Today, it reached 39.1 degrees Celsius, or 102.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures for the next couple of days #Heatwave2022 #UKHeatwave #heatwave

Twitter: @adam_sufc

5. London is on fire.

Twitter: @efendaTv

6. Trees are turning into tinder boxes.

BREAKING:Dartford Heath on fire as Heatwave Britain turns into a tinder box. Flames lick the A2 (pic: Emily French) #heatwave #weather #ukheatwave

Twitter: @ExpressNathan

7. Airports are being shut down because the RUNWAYS are MELTING.

Its so hot in UK, they shut down an airport because a runway was MELTING!!! Bruh!!!!🌡

Twitter: @e_lumumba


8. That road isn't wet, it's melting.

Twitter: @BlessedBobby_

9. Children are soaking their feet in buckets to keep cool at school.

How my children’s school is trying to keep the younger children cool in this heat #BritishSummer #UKHeatwave

Twitter: @sarahhopkins522

10. News channels are literally just showing live coverage of the sun.

Absolutely dying at @SkyNews showing live film of JUST THE SUN #UKHeatwave

Twitter: @caileelouise

11. Traffic lights are straight-up melting into goop.

it’s already melting #Heatwave2022 #UKHeatwave #London

Twitter: @uzzi0011

12. Stickers can't stay on water bottles.

The sticker melted off my water bottle… #heatwave

Twitter: @ErisEnvy

13. Garbage cans don't stand a chance.

So I think my bin melted... #heatwave #Heatwave2022 #HotWeather #Weather

Twitter: @RegimeChangeUS

14. Signs are bending backward.

Saw the road signs deteriorating /melting today at school pick up as the temperature hit 44 degrees while queuing to exit a car park 🌞🥵🔥 #heatwave #UKHeatwave #londonheatwave

Twitter: @MariamKSHakim

15. Roads are buckling upward.

No, the A14 is not being turned into a skatepark… unfortunately the road surface isn’t coping well in this heat ☀️. While it might look like fun it’s potentially very dangerous. #StaySafe #Heatwave #SaferCambs

Twitter: @EastCambsCops

16. People's dang flip-flops are snapping off.

Oh FFS, flip flop melted in the heat. Now I’m walking round work with one bare foot

Twitter: @jeremygahagan

17. Candles have lost their will to stand up.

18. Roses are BURNING at the edges.

19. Umbrellas are being used for anything but the rain.

Current British weather: umbrellas are out, yet not a rain cloud in sight. #heatwaveuk ☂️☀️#London

Twitter: @Schafernaker

20. I mean, this egg straight-up sizzled when it hit the pan!

Cooking eggs in my garden it’s that hot! Finchampstead, Berkshire, UK. 2.15pm. #Heatwave2022 #heatwave #eggs #finchampstead

Twitter: @thespraycompany

Straight-up sizzled!

21. And look what the heat did to these "eggs."

Left a couple of eggs in a pan outside for a couple of hours in the #heatwaveuk and they are basically dust now… 🍳 😂

Twitter: @stikoo

Fancy that with some beans on toast.

22. Most people in the UK don't have air conditioning, so they are doing anything they can to keep cool.

If your looking for a cheap way to keep your house cool 😎- then tin foil in your windows may make all the difference. It will reflect the heat - which will keep your indoors cool #Heatwave2022 #keepcool #cool #hot #heatwave #Suffolk

Twitter: @weatherwkelly

23. Windows are being covered in tin foil.

I use silver foil on south facing windows it’s very effective!! #heatwave

Twitter: @Robdiybob

24. "Tin foil on the window is working!!"

Tin foil on the window is working!! #heatwaveuk #heatwave

Twitter: @SarahHare1983

25. Cans are spontaneously exploding.

To sum up British summer heatwave 2022, this beer can popped all the sudden at the bar #heatwave #Heatwave2022 #heatwaveuk

Twitter: @Jabezuk

26. Glass is cracking.

It’s got so warm in the office, one of the glass partition walls has decided to take itself out. #Heatwave2022 #heatwave #heatwaveuk

Twitter: @Chris_Perry_61

27. Laundry tabs are turning into pools of liquid.

As if there wasn’t enough proof of a #ClimateCrisis - my Fairy laundry tabs have melted! #heatwaveuk

Twitter: @JohnCassidy7

28. Cyclists are just randomly being sprayed with water.

Our #CycloSprayer working hard today to ease the #heatwave commute

Twitter: @ETAservicesltd

29. Stores are charging five pounds to cool off in their walk-in refrigerators.

Love it #Hustle #Hustler #heatwave #Heatwave2022 #heatwaveuk #Butchers #Veganforlife #Vegan

Twitter: @FreudianScrapbo

30. So yeah, if you're lucky enough, be happy you live in a place with air conditioning and ice water.

I guess it was pretty hot today #Heatwave2022 🥵

Twitter: @Cath_Arlidge

31. Be safe out there!

32. And remember to enjoy the little things!

31 degrees but that won’t stop us brits from having a cuppa 🙈 #UkHeatWave #CupOfTea

Twitter: @kayteebeexx