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    A Clip From A UK Dating Show Called "Love Trap" Is Going Viral Because This Is Really How They're Eliminating Contestants In 2021

    Bye bye!

    Dating shows in 2021 have become a lot. Like, a lot a lot.


    Earlier this year, Netflix announced a new dating show called Sexy Beasts.

    people dressed up as a panda and boar at a table

    People would be set up on dates dressed as, well, sexy beasts.

    It's real weird.

    No, you're not hallucinating. SEXY BEASTS is a new dating show that uses cutting edge prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test. On Netflix, 21 July.

    Twitter: @NetflixUK

    And now there's a show from the UK that is going viral for — well, when you see it, you'll know why.

    a man very surprised
    Channel 4

    The show is called Love Trap.

    a woman very surprised
    Channel 4

    At the beginning of the clip, all seems normal, the guy has to choose which girl he thinks is in a relationship.

    three woman standing there
    Channel 4

    But then it happens...


    Watch the full clip here:

    you must see the end of the ep of this new dating show where the guy picks which woman is already in a relationship

    Twitter: @brocklesnitch



    ... didn't really see that coming.


    But at least we have a new reaction picture that is perfect for just about every situation.

    guy with mouth wide open
    Channel 4

    And for those wondering, she didn't die.

    she is alive and she was a LOVE TRAP (also the name of the show)

    Twitter: @Brocklesnitch