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I'm Legitimately Laughing At How Ugly The "Straight Pride" Flag And Merchandise Is

It's a big ol' "yikes" from me.

Happy Straight Pride!

It has come to my attention that there is a straight pride flag and whew, boy, it's something.

This is it:


And by something, I mean I don't think I've ever felt more of an appropriate use of this GIF:

But that's not all!

A little search on Amazon shows that we can get straight pride merch!

This "Straight Pride Flag For A Proud Heterosexual Person T-Shirt" — like, that's literally the name — is only $21.99 and available on Amazon Prime!

What a design!

Here's another straight pride shirt called "Proud Hetero Pride 'STRAIGHT' Ally Rainbow T Shirt!"

It has good reviews too:

This one is called "Straight Pride Shirt, Proud to Be Straight, I'm Not Gay T-Shirt."


And if you're into pins, there's this:

Basically, if you want to look like an old-timey criminal, the Hamburglar, or Beetlejuice, then straight pride merchandise is for you!

@iSmashFizzle straight pride flag out here looking like Beetlejuice

H/t: BobHarryD.