The 46 Types Of People On Facebook

    Which one are you?

    1. The "artist":

    2. The douchebag:

    3. The person who's trying to get over their ex:

    4. The person that uses a lot of exclamation points:

    5. The traveler:

    6. The person who thinks Facebook is their diary:

    7. The person who ends every status with "text me" or "text it":

    8. The person that replaces "y" with "i":

    9. The showoff:

    10. The person that speaks their own language:

    11. The person who only posts closeups of their face:

    12. The idiot:

    13. The person who doesn't use commas:

    14. The person with the shitty band:

    15. The person that's always threatening to delete their Facebook:

    16. The person that doesn't know the difference between "then" and "than":

    17. The person that will always be forever alone:

    18. The person that can't sleep and wants you to know about it:

    19. The drama king/queen:

    20. The philosophizer:

    21. The person who's always changing their name:

    22. The person that doesn't know how to photoshop:

    23. The hypocrite:

    24. The old person:

    25. The activist:

    26. The awkward mom:

    27. The awkward dad:

    28. The awkward aunt or uncle:

    29. The person who complains about people over-sharing on Facebook:

    30. The person that really needs to read the news:

    31. The person that thinks Facebook is Twitter:

    32. The person who REALLY can't spell:

    33. The gamer:

    34. The new mom always posting about her baby:

    35. The person that complains about their job:

    36. The delusional one:

    37. The person with no filter:

    38. The Jesus freak:

    39. The person who needs to be more careful with autocorrect:

    40. The creepy person you don't know that Facebook chats you:

    41. The girl with many emotions:

    42. The person that hates "fake people":

    43. The passive aggressive one:

    44. The person that quotes "themselves":

    45. The person who TyPeS LiKe ThIs:

    46. The person who shouldn't live on this planet anymore: