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This "Two-Hit Wonder" Quiz Will Be Very Hard For Everyone Except Millennials

A two-hit wonder = an artist or a group that had two hit songs.

  1. They sang "He Loves You Not" and "This Is Me."

    Bad Boy
  2. She sang "Gotta Tell You" and "Baby Come on Over."

    Polydor /
  3. She sang "Stuck" and "(There's Gotta Be) More to Life."

  4. They sang "Liquid Dreams" and "All or Nothing."

    Sony BMG /
  5. They sang "Girls on TV" and "Summer Girls."

    Logic Records /
  6. She sang "Smile" and "Graduation (Friends Forever)."

    Epic /
  7. They sang "All the Things She Said" and "Not Gonna Get Us."

    Interscope /
  8. They sang "The Way" and "Out of My Head."

    Hollywood Records /
  9. They sang "100 Years" and "Superman (It's Not Easy)."

    Columbia Records /
  10. They sang "Miserable" and "My Own Worst Enemy."

    RCA /
  11. They sang "Everything You Want" and "You're a God."

    RCA /
  12. They sang "Inside Out" and "Here's to the Night."

    RCA /
  13. She sang "I Don't Wanna Wait" and "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?"

    Warner Bros.
  14. They sang "Two Princes" and "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong."

    Sony /
  15. She sang "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)" and "100% Pure Love."

    Mercury /
  16. They sang "Sweet Dreams" and "Be My Lover."

    RCA /
  17. He sang "Gotta Get Thru This" and "If You're Not the One."

    Polydor /
  18. They sang "Lump" and "Peaches."

    ‎PopLlama Records /
  19. She sang "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" and "Suddenly I See."

    Virgin Records /
  20. He sang "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina."

    Rhino Entertainment /
  21. They sang "Mirror Mirror" and "Don't Say You Love Me."

    EMI /
  22. They sang "No More" and "Playas Gonna Play."

    So So Def /
  23. They sang "Smooth Criminal" and "Movies."

    DreamWorks /
  24. He sang "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma."

    Roc-a-Fella Records /
  25. He sang "Fireflies" and "Good Time."

    Republic Records /
  26. He sang "Incomplete" and "Thong Song."

    Def Jam /
  27. They sang "Give It All to Me" and "808."

    Columbia Records/

FYI, an earlier version of this quiz misidentified Cam'ron. My middle school self would be ashamed.

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