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22 Infuriating Tweets From Wisconsin That Will Probably Piss Every American That Sees Them Off

"Hail and rain facing voters in a line at least a mile long."

Yesterday, Wisconsin held an election during the middle of a pandemic.


To make a long story short: Wisconsin’s Democratic Gov. Tony Evers tried to move the election to June because of the pandemic, but Republican lawmakers fought for it to be held on Tuesday. The decision ultimately went to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where judges overturned the governor’s executive order to move the election. On Monday, the United States Supreme Court decided that Wisconsin wouldn’t be able to extend absentee voting. The election went on as planned, but because of the pandemic, the number of polling sites were dramatically decreased. As a result of way fewer polling sites, there were very long lines. People were literally risking their lives to vote.

Because I can't stop thinking about the carelessness of it all, here are tweets of what that looked like.



These folks are waiting in line to vote today, they're still about 1/3 of a mile away from their polling location.


we did it! after a long afternoon of waiting, my grandpa got to cast his ballot in today’s election. so blessed to have gotten here, but fully cognizant of the cost it had for us and all of the other voters today. #MyWIVote #WisconsinPrimary


It's 7:11. Polls at Riverside HS still not open. Line stretches five blocks, and growing. Calm so far. Heavy police presence, plus plain-clothes National Guard.


@NYTnickc @jaketapper This is ridiculous. Wrong. Oppressive. I am so angry.


This is Renee Bacon. She arrived at the end of the line around 8:03 and was turned away. She says she was on her way home after a shift as a nurse. #WisconsinElection #COVID19 @tmj4


Rosie Redmond, 79, first in line (VERY long line) at Riverside High, MKE. Arrived 5:30 a.m. "I'm a voter. I do not miss voting."


2+ Hours in and not even in sight of the door yet. Polls close in 15 minutes but if you are already in line, you can still vote. Concerned for people who took the bus as the routes close early tonight due to the pandemic. #WisconsinPrimary #vote #greenbay #polls


Wow, this is the line outside Marshall High School right now. Anyone who was in line before 8 p.m. is still allowed to vote. #Milwaukee #WisconsinPrimary


In Wisconsin this is what voting looks like during a pandemic. The Wi Supreme Court ruled the Governor could not postpone today’s election


I just had a voter burst into tears in front me. They requested their absentee ballot, didn’t receive it, were terrified of getting sick and STILL didn’t know if they had the right docs due to #Wisconsin’s extreme voter ID laws. But their voice had to be heard. This is cruelty.


This guy has been taking care of my mom who just had spinal surgery. He’s a senior citizen. He doesn’t need to bring #COVID19 home. #Wisconsin #wisconsinelection


He said they are entering through a different door now & the line is moving slower. He’s been in the same spot for over an hour now. #WisconsinPrimary


My mom is 55. Here she is, today, working at a polling place in Wisconsin. I am worried that she may contract the virus. Nothing else to say right now, just... sadness. #Wisconsin #Coronavirustruth


3 hours and 40 minutes in line at Green Bay West High....and I’m so close! #WisconsinElection #WisconsinPandemicVoting


He crowd at Washington High is sticking it out despite the rain & thunder. Some poll workers are giving out garbage bags or people to wear.


As if things weren’t complicated enough for voters here in Milwaukee... Now, a torrential downpour. And hail. Voters at the front of the line have been waiting for about two hours.


Last night, I met this woman who brought foldable chairs while waiting in line to vote. She told me she saw many elderly standing, and therefore gave them her chairs. Her wait time - just over 4 hours. #WisconsinPrimary


Hail & rain facing voters in a line at least a mile long to vote at Riverside High School in Milwaukee. My friend & I waited 2+ hours before the storm. #WisconsinElection #WisconsinPrimary


I waited 2.5 hours today in rain and hail (and a mask and gloves) to vote in Milwaukee because @wisgop and @scotus would rather risk lives than have a fair election. Instead of 182 polling sites, we had 5. #VoterSuppression #WisconsinPrimary


This is crazy. Polls closed two hours ago but the line at Green Bay west High school is wrapping the block. Also you'll notice not many are social distancing. There is a lot of frustration here.


It's just past 11 here. This is going to take a while. Just spoke with a few people who told me they have been in line for 4 hours. Many are tired, but still committed to casting their ballot. #WisconsinPrimary


Nervously proud of my parents working the polls today in Columbia County. #ElectionDay #WisconsinPandemicVoting

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