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    14 Tweets That Show What The Coronavirus Toilet Paper Shortage Looks Like In Seattle

    Toilet paper is in high demand.

    Washington state has become somewhat the center of the coronavirus outbreak in the US. So far, six people have died of the virus there.

    Yikes. My friend’s daughter took these photos at a Seattle Whole Foods yesterday, an area where six people have now died from coronavirus. #CoronaOutbreak #CoronaVirusSeattle #coronavirus

    In Seattle, people have been tweeting videos and pictures of empty shelves and long lines in grocery stores.

    Checkout line insanity at the Lynnwood Costco 45 minutes after open on a Monday morning. #CoronaVirusSeattle

    Panic buying has ensued.

    Sooo, while I'd expect people to stock up on canned goods and hand sanitizer, I was surprised to see that toilet paper has become a hot commodity.

    Hand sanitizer cleaned out at Walmart in Lynnwood. #CoronaVirusSeattle

    1. It's a toilet paper crisis out there.

    @The_Real_Fly There’s a toilet paper crisis here in Seattle - no joke! TP is sold out EVERYWHERE.

    2. TP is in very high demand.

    In Seattle, everyone is panic buying. Toilet paper gone, water gone, otc medications gone, bread gone. Still some ground turkey and chicken liver though. #seattle #coronavirus #washington #COVID19 #COVIDー19 #TrumpVirus

    3. Long lines and no toilet paper.

    4. If you're in the market for toilet paper, then I'd avoid Seattle if I were you.

    Hey, don't go to Seattle if you need toilet paper...or bottled water... 🌠 #CoronaVirusSeattle

    5. People are finding empty shelves where plentiful rolls of TP once stood.

    Toilet paper aisle cleaned out at local Fred Meyer just north of Seattle (3/2/2020). #CoronaOutbreak #COVID19 #Seattle #CoronaVirusSeattle

    6. In this Safeway, the TP supply was picked over but not sold out:

    This was the toilet paper section of Safeway two days ago. Very picked over but not sold out #coronavirusSeattle

    7. This Costco was completely out of toilet paper:

    The Costco in Seattle is completely out of toilet paper. Again, Costco. Toilet Paper. It's official people. #coronavirus

    8. And this Target was fully out of bananas and running dangerously low on toilet paper:

    Current state of bananas and toilet paper. #seattle

    9. It's a "toilet paper gold rush" out there!

    I thought the #CoronaVirusSeattle toilet paper gold rush was just some Twitter joke. It was not. My Safeway is completely out of all varieties, full stop. I'm very, very confused at how this city evidently Doomsday preps, but hey, y'all do you.

    10. This person went to three stores, with very little luck:

    South Seattle...three stores, no rice, no beans, no water, no toilet paper, long-long-long lines. Plan accordingly.

    11. And this person tweeted about their hunt for one roll of toilet paper:

    OK Seattle, I literally just needed like a roll of toilet paper? 🧻 🤷🏻‍♀️

    12. So while toilet paper aisles are running low, it's important to understand a few things.

    Toilet paper aisle in Seattle tonight. Store looked picked over - esp meds - but very little 100% shortages

    13. Don't panic.

    There were SOME toilet paper left! #CoronaVirusSeattle But why are people buying water? You know the tap water is safe right? #WashYourHands

    14. And read this:

    To the idiots who cleaned out the toilet paper aisle at the North Seattle Fred Meyer, some factual information about coronavirus; 1. It does not give you diarrhea.

    But seriously, if you want to prepare for the coronavirus, here's a great guide.