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31 Tweets That Show What It's Like On The "Coronavirus Cruise Ship"

"#day7 a new friend on board informed me she got positive, her mom can’t follow her."

1. More than 2,500 Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers have been quarantined off the coast of Yokohoma, Japan, for over a week now. As of yesterday, the New York Times reports there have been 135 cases of coronavirus on the ship.

Day 1: This just made us so happy. A little gift from @PrincessCruises #DiamondPrincess #quarantine

2. The Times says the ship has the most cases of coronavirus outside of mainland China.

Day 2: Breakfast in bed, and options for lunch and dinner. It’s impressive how systems are being developed on the fly. #diamondprincess #Quarantine

3. For the first few days of quarantine, passengers were not allowed to leave their rooms at all.

Yes, we are on THAT quarantined ship. But we are keeping calm and positive. We are safe. We are together. We are relatively comfortable with all the amenities we need. Food. Water. Internet. Power. #diamondprincesscruise #quarantine

4. And on the second day of quarantine, they were given thermometers to monitor and report their temperatures.

Distributed aboard #DiamondPrincess with instructions to take out own temperatures several times a day and report if it is 37.5 Celsius or greater. (For us Americans, Google tells me that's 99.5 Fahrenheit.)

5. Everyone's anxious to get out...

This is my cabin door on the #DiamondPrincess . No one has crossed the threshold, either way, since Sunday evening, more than 2 days before the quarantine began. #NoneShallPass. (Credit to MP&THG)

6. ...but are also becoming accustomed to quarantine life.

This is the only plea for help I have onboard #DiamondPrincess Sorry/Not sorry

7. Still, the Diamond Princess cruise staff did everything in their power to make the quarantine experience as comfortable as possible. They gave out little care packages to people with children on board.

Thank you #princesscruises The #awesome kids’ club team has been by again to see how my daughter is doing and drop of her care package. Games, activities and a friend to keep her company! Thanks #diamondprincesscruise #quarantine

8. Food was still delivered to the rooms, and it's apparently very good.

Dinner tonight on #DiamondPrincess, enhanced courtesy of Google. (As my wife says, Google makes everything better.). That's beef salad, goulash, and a goat cheese dish, along with cake, and the obligatory roll. And don't let anyone diss the rolls.

9. Diamond Princess says they will refund passengers the price of the cruise. They'll also expense passengers' travel costs.

Diamond Princess has announced that it will refund all fees paid by passengers. #DiamondPrincess #coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #2019nCoV #WuhanPneumonia #WuhanCoronavirus #wuhan #Quarantine

10. After a few days, passengers were allowed to go on deck to get some fresh air. The Times says they can get a few minutes a day, but they have to stay six feet apart from each other.

1時間だけ外に出れました。いやー寒い。 I was allowed to go outside for an hour. #ダイヤモンドプリンセス #DiamondPrincess #CoronavirusOutbreak #Quarantine

11. Besides that little bit of fresh air, whole families are spending days together in small indoor cruise ship rooms.

Lazy day in bed for kids, while dad #worksremotely #quarantine #diamondprincesscruise

You can read about this family's experience on BuzzFeed News.

12. People are recognizing other passengers they remember sitting near or seeing before quarantine on the news sick with the virus.

#day4 #midnight hubby show me a picture of a couple who got infected from the news, these couples seat close to us from the guessing game. #lifeisunpredictable #CoronaOutbreak #coronavirus #quarantine on #diamondpeincess

13. Diamond Princess is doing everything they can to keep up the morale. There's plenty of food and passengers got to watch the Oscars.

Day 6 #Quarantine - breakfast is served. So much food, and Yakult! The oscars are on our in room. It’s been many yrs since we’ve had a chance to watch it live - we never have time to watch the live or replay. Now we have plenty of time 🤣#diamondprincesscruise #oscars2020

14. They even gave out ballots.

Congratulations to Brad Pitt. We actually have #Oscars2020 live on the #diamondprincesscruise. Here are my pics!

15. Passengers are doing exercises in their rooms.

Today’s exercise moments. Planks, sit-ups and handstands. #diamondprincesscruise #quarantine #exercise

16. Zumba is especially popular.

#inroom #zumba #keepingactive #diamondprincesscruise #quarantine

17. They're also drinking what little alcohol is left.

Alcohol is running low. We’ve (collectively) ransacked the inventory. This may be the last whiskey drink until I get off this ship. #DiamondPrincess #diamondprincesscruise #johnniewalker

18. Which, like, is honestly what I would do in times like this.

Totally forgot to take a photo of dinner. Was too excited for whiskey. Sick count up to 70, so let’s drink the night away. #DiamondPrincess #diamondprincesscruise

19. The Japanese media is driving boats outside the ship trying to get interviews from passengers.

#day7 #coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #quarantined on #diamondprincess Japanese media tried to convince passengers to contact them for interview with phone number hold up. #decktime #hanginthereprincess

20. But as more people get sick, the crew is upping their sanitation game.

Day 6: Breakfast today came with a supply of wet wipes #quarantine #diamondprincess

21. Masks have been handed out to the passengers.

We got these just now. Sh#t must be getting real. 60 more sick. God save the Princess. #diamondprincesscruise #DiamondPrincess

22. And everyone is staying hydrated!

Do you think we have enough water? #diamondprincesscruise #quarantine #stayhydrated💦

23. Meals are ways to pass the day.

Welp. Here’s dinner. If anyone feels generous, now is the time to drone me some Jameson. #DiamondPrincess #diamondprincesscruise

24. It's just a waiting game now...

#day7 #coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreak #quarantined on #diamondprincess worry about mom. She is not doing good. Her eye vessel burst 😢😢😫😫 #hanginthereprincess

Note: This person's mom was okay! The Diamond Princess staff was very responsive to this tweet.

25. new cases are still being reported on the ship.

#day7 a new friend on board informed me she got positive, her mom can’t follow her. I promised her to call her mom to makesure she’s okay since she is alone in the room. Start worry. No on pick up. She must worry sick. #coronavirus #Quarantined #diamondprincesscruise

26. Luckily, Japan has provided plenty of doctors and nurses on board.

Captain announced that Japan health officials have provided 45 doctors, 55 nurses, and 45 pharmacists on board #DiamondPrincess , all (I think) volunteers. Thank you, Japan.

27. Ambulances are waiting port side.

Day 7: My first look at the ship’s port side since the quarantine started. Lots of ambulances. #quarantine #diamondprincess

28. Amazon Japan has started making deliveries to the rooms.

29. The Diamond Princess staff continues to go above and beyond to keep people as comfortable as possible.

Day 7: Lots of deliveries. #quarantine #diamondprincess

30. The red Power Ranger even made an appearance!

Day 7: We had a visit from the Red Ranger while on the deck. #quarantine #diamondprincess

31. As of right now, the quarantine is supposed to end on Feb. 19.

Day 7 #quarantine update: still in high spirits. Yes, we have heard of the additional cases. No, we are not one of them. No, our air is not recycled/recirculated - we get fresh air into the room. Our quarantine date still expected to end on 19 Feb, the q…

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