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    25 Tweets That Show Just How Eerily Similar Gen Z And Millennial Culture Actually Are

    Yes, I will wait in a 10 minute line just to ask for a straw. That is our culture.


    millennial/gen z culture is waiting in line again just to ask for a straw


    Peak millennial/gen z culture is hearing a baby crying and thinking and/or saying “same”


    Gen Z/millennial culture is tipping 20% as the baseline no matter how good or poor the service is


    gen z/millennial culture is being more ashamed of growing up upper-middle class than posting a picture of yourself crying online


    gen z/millennial culture is never untying shoelaces


    Gen Z/Millennial office culture is feeling uncomfortable saying “you’re welcome” in an email and coming up with 1,000 other goofy low key ways to say it


    Gen z / millennial culture is sending headlines of articles and not actually reading the whole article that friends send you.


    Gen Z / Millennial culture is have two different conversations on twitter and over text with the same person


    gen z/millennial culture is making so many jokes about depression until you actually are depressed


    Gen Z/Millennial culture is calmly reminding your parents that the waitstaff is just trying their best in a full restaurant and makes below minimum wage so should be treated kindly


    Gen Z/millennial Internet culture is getting the "wrong password" result and realizing you didn't type your password wrong, but you typed in the wrong email.


    Millennial/Gen Z culture is googling how to send a letter before doing it


    Millennial/Gen Z culture is being obsessed with having stickers but being too afraid to put them on anything


    millennial/gen z culture is following someone on twitter and/or instagram for years, regularly talking with them, and considering them a close friend before realising y'all never bothered adding each other on facebook


    Millennial/Gen Z culture is deleting the period off the end of a tweet because it’s too formal


    Millennial/Gen Z culture is being more familiar with a song through the Glee cover than through the actual version


    millennial/gen z culture is saying "im sending you good vibes" instead of "im praying for you"


    Millennial/Gen Z culture is being nice to underpaid retail workers who are just doing their best


    Millennial & Gen Z culture is having your phone permanently on vibrate mode


    millennial/gen z culture is eating dinner at 8pm bc you underestimated the time it would take to cook something and started too late


    millennial / gen z culture is being able to fluently speak in spongebob references


    Millennial/Gen Z culture is carrying a small cross-body sling bag or tiny backpack the size of your head everywhere. Will probably wear one to my own wedding tbh.


    young millennial/gen z culture is having to email documents to your parents in another state so they can print it out and physically mail it back to you because who the fuck owns a printer except boomers and the library and your office are closed


    I can’t believe I wake up and read Twitter and take buzzfeed quizzes like I’m reading the morning paper this really is millennial/gen z culture (buzzfeed quizzes are our version of the little comic strips)


    Millennial/Gen Z (Zillennial) culture is anxiously googling “are you supposed to tip when ______?” Before purchasing literally any good or service