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Truly Adorable Pictures Of A Baby And A Cocker Spaniel That Are BFFs

You just have to meet them.

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Introducing Nayuto.

And this is Emma.

They're from Japan.

The two of them have been best friends since Nayuto was born.


They basically do everything together...

... because they have so much in common.

They like to sleep.

And rest.


And starfish.

And sleep some more.

They sleep a lot.

When they're awake they like to make fun of hipsters.


They do each other's hair.

And they watch a lot of TV because that's what kids and dogs do together these days.

Their favorite holiday is Halloween.

They also enjoy Chinese New Year.


They also have a thing for sitting awkwardly next to each other.

Now that you've met them, here are a bunch more pictures of them sleeping together because DEAR GOD, THEY'RE SO CUTE.

Goodbye and goodnight.