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    Top 11 Susan Boyle Reaction Videos

    Do you LOVE Susan Boyle? Is she your INSPIRATION? Did you CRY? Well it seems like everybody has something to say about the Suze and as expected there are reaction videos all over YouTube. Check out my picks for the top 11 reaction videos. Try not to cry...again.

    • 11. The Delton Show: "Stuff a Duck?"

    • 10. Susan Boyle Has A Disability?

    • 9. "I'll Sleep Well Tonight"

    • 8. True Emotion: This Guy Watches It 10x A Day

    • 7. 68 Year-Old Superfan (Loves Techno/Trance)

    • 6. Obsessed

    • 5. Scum Bag

    • 4. Cry Cry Cry

    • 3. Reginald The Dreamer

    • 2. "I See A Little Woman:" Is This The Numa Numa Guy?

    • 1. Crazy Eyes

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