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    Britney Spears Stalks Cameron Diaz's Instagram, Reposts A 42-Week-Old Picture Of Her Tomatoes, Reveals Herself As A "Something About Mary" Fan, And Remains The Best Person On Instagram

    Just a normal Tuesday.

    Britney Spears is known for reinventing the Las Vegas residency, her diamond certified albums, fun tunes, great albums, stellar music videos, Cheetos and Fraps, wearing chunky heels, her hot boyfriend, not knowing how pronounce Tinashe, her adorable family, putting "Radar" on two albums, outselling all the other girls in general, inspiring millions of people, changing the music industry, and googling pictures of corn.

    Let's add Instagram stalker to the list!

    It all started with this picture of tomatoes. As you can see, Cameron Diaz posted this picture nine months ago.

    Cute caption! I didn't even know there was a tomato emoji!

    Then, approximately 42 weeks later, Britney reposted Cameron's tomato picture.

    Here's her caption:

    Now close your eyes and imagine:

    Britney is sitting in her big-ass mansion in Calabasas. She's on her iPhone casually looking up celebs on Instagram because she literally only works like two days a week because of her wildly successful Las Vegas residency. Brit's bored. She just finished doing a fashion show in her living room for her two dogs, so clothes are all over the place. The boys are running around doing magic tricks and talking about being DJs or some shit. That's when Britney is like, "Man, I wonder what Cameron Diaz is up to..." She finds her Instagram. Britney scrolls through Cameron's pictures until she's 42 weeks deep and sees a picture of three tomatoes. Britney is filled with joy as she decides that SHE MUST repost these tomatoes. Britney crafts her caption carefully scrolling over to the yellow hearts. She uploads the picture of the tomatoes, turns off her phone, and smiles. What a life.