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24 Times Cher Opened Up A Can Of Whoop Ass

This is why Cher is, and will always be, the queen of Twitter.

1. The time she blocked someone's dad.

2. The time she told a Lana Del Rey news account that she has invisible powers.

3. The time she said she was literally older than fire.

4. The time she told her iPad to shape the fuck up.

5. The time she put a tween on the spot.

6. I don't know.

7. I don't know.

8. The time she told off some judgmental know it all.

9. The time she took Britney Spears lyrics the wrong way.

10. The time she was about to start shit because someone said she was hilarious.

11. The time she brought up her papyrus scrolls.

12. The time that Lana Del Rey account called her ugly again and Cher said she is 98.

13. I don't know.

14. The time someone called her a goat.

15. The fact that she knows what shade is.

16. The time she shaded Gaga.

17. I don't know.

18. The time she told "brunette princess" off.

19. I don't know.

20. The time she flipped the question.

21. The time she shaded Gaga again.

22. The time she choked out a young girl.

23. The time Sea Shell Girl told Cher to stop trying to be Lil Kim.

24. I don't know.