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Tim Gunn Trashed Marie Kondo And I Kind Of Love It

No offense to Marie Kondo.

Deep breathe in. Deep breathe out. Finally, FINALLY, someone is speaking up for the hoarders out there.

Tim Gunn went on The One Way Ticket Show podcast and unleashed on Marie Kondo*.

He said:

"I’ve never said this publicly... I have been asked twice to conduct an interview with Marie Kondo and I have twice declined. I am not a believer. I just don’t subscribe to her methods.”

“This whole business of 'sparking joy.' I have a huge number of books; do they ALL spark joy? Roget’s Thesaurus does not spark joy. Am I going to get rid of it? NO.”

*sip sip*

Tim said the show was “VERY slow.”

“I watched three minutes of the first episode and thought, 'I can't take this anymore.' But then friends and colleagues said you should really try it; it’s actually a good show.”

“So I thought I’m going to watch the episode with the two gay guys, each is a writer, they have a ton of books, and they want help getting rid of the books. It took me four or five sessions to get through that episode. I could only take so much of her!"

"I learned NOTHING that helped me with this whole process."

"But I did learn this: At one point when she’s arriving in the morning and they act like they’ve never seen each other before even though they were just here yesterday. It’s day 11, I would have thrown myself on my sword if Marie Kondo was coming to my apartment and it was day 11 of this. Let’s speed it up, people!"

So there you have it. Can't wait for Marie Kondo to fire back!*