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This Woman Won A $1 Million Lottery TWICE In One Day

Words can't describe my jealousy.

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After the winning Powerball numbers were drawn on Saturday, April 7, Virginia Fike was sitting in a hospital room keeping her mother company. She said, “I saw a scroll on TV about there being two $1 million winners. I looked at my mom and said ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if it was us?’”

“When I stopped to pick up The Washington Post for my mom to read, I had the clerk in the store check my tickets,” explained Ms. Fike. “All I knew then was that my tickets were worth more than the store could pay.” Yes, indeed, the tickets were worth more than the $600 prize retailers can pay. When Ms. Fike called the Lottery’s Shenandoah Valley Customer Service Center, that’s when she got the great news that her two tickets were worth $1 million each!

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