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    Sophie Turner Met JVN For The First Time And They Both Lost Complete Control

    This is a lot...but also cute?

    Sophie Turner met Jonathan Van Ness for the first time and some are calling it "the most iconic thing on the internet." Me, personally, I thought they were on the verge of cardiac arrest. I thought someone was going to die.

    .@SophieT meeting @jvn for the first time is the most iconic thing to exist on the internet rn 💕

    It all started when Sophie spotted JVN in a totally, completely spontaneous, definitely-not-planned moment.

    JVN sees Sophie walking toward him. It looks like he's seen the Babadook.

    Meanwhile, Sophie appears to be having an out-of-body, "come to Jesus" spiritual experience.

    They embrace.

    I am worried JVN is not breathing.

    It's a mix of fear and joy.

    He's crying, she's crying.

    I'm legitimately concerned for their well-being.

    Then Joe Jonas comes out of nowhere; Sophie is just bowing down now.

    They hug. Sophie can't believe it.

    It is the most extreme, totally unplanned, completely spontaneous, definitely-not-for-the-cameras meeting I've ever seen!

    I'm just happy both of them survived because I thought they were gonna die.