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    This Video About Myspace Will Seriously Take You Back In Time

    This was the world we once lived in.

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    I know I know, you’ve probably seen a Myspace reference in 739 BuzzFeed posts and are like “but wait, was Myspace really thaaaat big?!?!”

    "Like, did people actually use it?!?!?"



    BuzzFeed received a *completely exclusive* video from Josh Brooks who ran programming and marketing for Myspace during its mid-2000s glory days.

    He said:

    "To be honest, I have read so much shit of about how Myspace is garbage or blah blah…but the truth is before there were music streaming premiers on Spotify – it was on Myspace. When a big movie studio wanted to do some ridiculous movie screening event – it was on Myspace. Town halls for politics – yup, on Myspace!

    When Al Gore wanted to spread the word about Global Warming with his film – we booked 30 theaters across the U.S. and an interview with Mos Def!

    Jack Johnson live show stream in Hawaii –YUP.
    LCD Sound System show at the TLA in Phili for their fans only – YUP.

    Lady Gaga came to the office in Bev. Hills to introduce herself…half the staff was like "who's she?"

    And I remember when Chris DeWolfe went on the Today with Taylor Swift, as the first break out county star from Myspace!"

    Attached to the email was this hilariously dated Myspace sizzle real:

    View this video on YouTube

    What a weird time, indeed.

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