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A Kindergarten Teacher And His Students Make Iconic Madonna Music Videos

I stan for Mr. Avina's kindergarten class.

Mr. Avina is a kindergarten teacher in Los Angeles and he makes mostly Madonna (and some Janet Jackson) music videos with his students. It is simultaneously the gayest and cutest thing ever. I'm obsessed.

For the past few years, he's had his students do a completely choreographed dance to "Vogue." It is just about everything.

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Here's his class doing a choral performance of "Live To Tell."

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A "Nothing Really Matters" musical break.

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This video for "This Used To Be My Playground" is instantly iconic. Kids in wigs are ALWAYS funny.

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He even did "Living For Love" promo!

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I'm dying.

You can see more of Mr. Avina's videos on his YouTube channel appropriately titled "Kindergarten Vogue."

And here's a bonus performance of "Vogue" because everyone needs a bit more Kindergarten Vogue in their life.

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