This Is What You Look Like When You Check Yourself Out In A Mirror On The Street

New favorite blog.

Kyle works on the first level of a building in Boston. The outside is mirrored so nobody can see in. Kyle takes pictures of people who look at their reflection in the building and thankfully for us, he posts them on this Tumblr: mirrormirroratkylesdesk.


Also terrifying because we all do this and we all look ridiculous.

2. Pose! #mirrormirroratkylesdesk #repeatoffender

3. Red (for filth) #mirrormirroratkylesdesk #rupaul #dragrace #alaska

4. You’re totally gonna book that Camel Lites ad audition, man! #mirrormirroratkylesdesk

5. NO WIRE HANGERS! #mirrormirroratkylesdesk

6. Werq! #mirrormirroratkylesdesk #selfie

7. “Tell me about it, stud.” #mirrormirroratkylesdesk

8. Welcome to Marlborough Country. #mirrormirroratkylesdesk

9. Tell him his hair looks sexy pushed back. #mirrormirroratkylesdesk #meangirls

10. In a recurring theme today, don’t worry bro, your ass looks great in those pants. #mirrormirroratkylesdesk

11. The rap battle you’re having with your Bluetooth headset is totally badass, buddy. #mirrormirroratkylesdesk

12. The beard looks great, don’t worry man. #mirrormirroratkylesdesk

13. That tie looks great, bro! #mirrormirroratkylesdesk

14. Casual Wednesday Realness. #mirrormirroratkylesdesk

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