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This Is What Creationists Believe About Dinosaurs

Here's what they didn't talk about in the Bill Nye–Ken Ham debate.

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And just a little past that are my favorite, animatronic dinosaurs next to a child tending fire.

First off, "tags."

Matt Stopera / BuzzFeed

"Dinosaur fossils don't come with tags on them telling us how old they are, where they lived, what they ate, or how they died. We have to figure that out from a few clues we find.

But because we never have all the evidence, different scientists can reach very different conclusions, depending on their starting assumptions."


The dinosaurs went on Noah's Ark.

Matt Stopera / BuzzFeed

This was a pretty neat diorama (if you're into miniatures). You can see two dinosaurs walking in just behind the giraffes.

Creationists believe most dinosaurs died during the great flood, but Noah brought them on his ark so they were alive AFTER it. They were just like any other animal.


In case you couldn't read that, and this kind of defeats the "reveal" but whatever...

"Most dinosaurs were reasonably small — about the size of a sheep or a pony. Even large sauropods were much smaller when they were young (just like a crocodile is small at first — when it hatches out of an egg, you can even hold it in your hand!). So the Ark had plenty of room for all the land animal kinds, including every dinosaur 'kind.'"


TAGS again.

In case you didn't get it above, what this means is that because we weren't there we can't possibly know what ACTUALLY happened. The bones don't come with "tags" that explain how they got there.

Makes sense.



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