This Is What Creationists Believe About Dinosaurs

    Here's what they didn't talk about in the Bill Nye–Ken Ham debate.

    If you were just casually driving on a random side road in Petersburg, Ky., you might think that Creation Museum was a museum about dinosaurs.

    Right in front there's a dinosaur.

    You walk into the main foyer and there are dinosaurs.

    A dinosaur skeleton.

    And just a little past that are my favorite, animatronic dinosaurs next to a child tending fire.

    That's because creationists believe they know what happened to dinosaurs.

    In fact, biblical history is the key to understanding them.

    Here are some things I learned about dinosaurs from walking around the Creation Museum.

    First off, "tags."

    Dinosaurs, along with land-walking animals and man, were created on the sixth day.

    They were around when Adam and Eve were chillin' in the garden as demonstrated by this display.

    FYI, they ate plants. That's why Adam and Eve weren't buggin'.

    The dinosaurs went on Noah's Ark.

    Creationists believe most dinosaurs died during the great flood, but Noah brought them on his ark so they were alive AFTER it. They were just like any other animal.

    In case you missed it, that means there were humans and dinosaurs living together at the same time.

    Then there's a separate exhibit called the Dinosaur Den where everything you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs is answered...creation style.

    The display has a bunch of these dinosaur models.

    Also this adorable little dino guy (or girl).


    Anyway, this is where things got real interesting. They had these placards all over the exhibit asking questions.

    In case you couldn't read that, and this kind of defeats the "reveal" but whatever...

    "Most dinosaurs were reasonably small — about the size of a sheep or a pony. Even large sauropods were much smaller when they were young (just like a crocodile is small at first — when it hatches out of an egg, you can even hold it in your hand!). So the Ark had plenty of room for all the land animal kinds, including every dinosaur 'kind.'"

    TAGS again.

    In case you didn't get it above, what this means is that because we weren't there we can't possibly know what ACTUALLY happened. The bones don't come with "tags" that explain how they got there.

    Makes sense.

    They were born a day apart.


    Now for biblical evidence.

    So boom, there you have it: the creationist view on dinosaurs.

    On the way out, the gift shop was FILLED with dinosaur gifts.

    And I'll leave you with this dinosaur standing vertically wearing a vest on a ledge that was also in the gift shop.