50 Things You Will Never See In Real Life

You should feel extremely fortunate if you’ve seen any of these.

1. A squirrel eating a slice of pizza:

2. Snooki reading a book:

3. Someone with a Zac Efron bedspread:

4. A corgi looking as handsome as this one wearing a sweater:

5. A chihuahua wearing double cheeseburgers for shoes:

6. Eminem at the Louvre:

7. A bird wearing moose antlers:

8. Tom Hanks drinking a juice box, at a park, leaning on a tree:

9. A cat this drunk:

10. A llama this small:

11. A pig doing Taekwondo:

12. A pig jumping on a trampoline:

13. Someone posing emotionally with their dead uncle:

14. An otter holding a beer:

15. Amish people at Hooters:

16. Amish people rollerblading:

17. David Bowie using a desktop computer:

18. A corgi walking a horse:

19. A duck riding a goose:

20. An airbrushed cat on a toilet seat:

21. A centaur using a porta potty:

22. A spider on top of a frog on top of a turtle:

23. A lady holding a watermelon and a gun:

24. A corgi fighting a parrot:

25. Bette Midler taking a stroll with 50 Cent:

26. A cat in a prosthetic leg:

27. Hundreds of bags of Doritos on a beach:

28. A car in a tree growing out of a man:

29. A drunk smoking grandma holding a monkey:

30. A lady with a foot for a body:

32. A squirrel preacher:

33. Someone with a Mrs. Doubtfire tattoo:

34. An old man from the Medieval Times on a Segway:

35. A movie theater full of dogs:

36. An albino zebra:

37. An albino peacock:

38. Someone wearing a pizza beret:

39. A little kid posing with a giant box of cigarettes:

40. Floaties made of plastic bottles:

41. Spiderman and a donkey:

42. Dogs that deliver pizzas:

43. An old man wearing a “haters” belly shirt:

44. An extremely stylish monkey:

45. Oreo hair:

46. A shopping cart bike:

47. Kim Kardashian pumping her own gas:

48. A cat jacket this awesome:

49. Someone buying this much milk:

50. A cellphone that can actually float on water:

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