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17 Things You Didn't See On TV At The VMAs

A couple of things I noticed in the audience.

1. Rupaul giving the future "MTV House Of Style" host, Joan Smalls, a pep talk.

Giving her much needed wisdom. ~Sashay away~

2. McKayla Maroney's pre-pose face.

Also Aly Raisman's hair flip.

3. The celeb bullpen.

The celebrities had to sit in their own bullpen thing that was lit up for most of the time. The bigger celebs sat in their own section closer ot the stage.

4. One Direction rocking out to The Wanted.

When The Wanted came out, 1D did this cute little dance to their song. How cute, I guess?

5. The giant moving teleprompter camera crane.

The teleprompter everyone read from was on a moving camera crane.

6. The speech countdown clock.

Most people have 30 seconds. The clock was off when Rihanna won video of the year.

7. The announcer dude saying "5 seconds" over the loudspeaker every time the show was coming back from commercial.


8. All of the LA people dressed up in tu-tus/weird shit.

9. Emma Watson sticking around to watch Green Day after presenting them.

I guess she's a pretty big Green Day fan.

10. Also Ezra Miller's Green Day watching face.

11. And this is her dancing face.

12. The performers awkwardly waiting around to perform.

Most of the performers are on stage a couple minutes before they actually go on. Pink decided to pop a squat.

13. The line of massive body guards that were always in front of celebrities.

14. Ke$ha ad-libbing her lines.

Ke$ha didn't follow her teleprompter lines exactly. Truly a rebel.

15. The blinking " Please Wrap It Up Screen"

One Direction got cut off on their Best New Artist speech. Womp womp, 1D fans. At least they said "please."

16. All the famous people leaving for Taylor Swift.

No famous people stayed for the "finale." The celebs leave before the last song. Also, most of the famous people only are there for part of the show. 1D was barely in the audience, only when they were nominated for an award.

17. And these leopard print heels in a garbage can.

PS. Sorry for the shitty camera pics. My phone battery had like 10% left. I am a flop.

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