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    22 Things You Probably Want To Forget About The Macarena

    Oh, 1997.

    Things we want to forget:

    1. When your teacher would be doing the Macarena and you'd just be like "this is embarrassing"

    2. That awkward moment when you couldn't remember what move was next.

    3. When people tried to make the dance more complicated than it really was.

    4. When you messed up which way to jump.

    5. That old dude who pretended he knew how to do it but really didn't.

    6. Midway through the song when you got tired of doing it.

    7. Awkwardly checking out other people to make sure you were doing the right move.

    8. When you'd be doing the Macarena with your little brother and he was totally out of sync.

    9. Los del Rio's jeans


    10. Cassette tapes.


    11. Your grandma playing it at her retirement party.

    12. Pretending like it was good exercise.

    13. When someone would post pictures of you doing the Macarena on their Angelfire website.

    14. Your dad awkwardly attempting to do it in the stands of a sporting event.

    15. Your drunk mom doing it at baseball games.


    16. Your parents doing the Macarena at a tailgate in matching clothes.

    17. When you would try to teach your aunts the Macarena at Thanksgiving.

    18. When your aunts decided they couldn't do it, so they just goofed off while you were seriously trying to do the Macarena.

    19. Madeleine Albright's rendition.

    20. '90s bros doing it in basements.

    21. When your mom had a college reunion and decided to do the Macarena with her girlfriends on the beach.

    22. The Christmas version of the song.

    Things we don't want to forget about the Macarena:

    1. This gif of a dancing macaroni doing it.

    2. This gif of a bear trying to do it.

    3. When the Macarena lady was the special guest at the Clinton's 22th wedding anniversary.


    4. NFL players doing it.


    5. The 1996 US Women's Gymnastics Team doing it.

    View this video on YouTube

    6. When they played it at middle school dances because it was the only time when anyone actually danced.

    7. Pretending like you really knew the words but ending up just screaming AAYYY MACARENA.

    8. And this shirt.



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