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    10 Things We Can Learn From Ryan Gosling About Being A Great Son

    Ryan Gosling is the best son. Let's learn from him.

    Ryan Gosling was spotted with his mom Debbie in Austin, Texas. She came to visit him on the set of his new movie.

    1. First of all, moms love walks. Ryan knew that his mother would appreciate a walk, so Ryan took her on one.

    2. Secondly, moms love to eat lunch. Ryan bought lunch for his mom, another brilliant and sensitive and caring move.

    3. Moms also love when their sons carry shit for them. In this photo, Ryan is carrying his mother's lunch. 100 more points for Ryan.

    4. Now things get a little serious. In this photo, Ryan is telling Debbie about some problems. Moms are really good at listening to problems.

    5. How wise of Ryan to get advice from his mom. +250 points!

    6. As you can see, Ryan is STILL telling his mom something. It must be important. Again, smart of Ryan to get advice from his mother.

    7. So expressive, and with so much feeling. Moms know best. Ryan, you are a great son.

    8. Okay, the conversation is OBVIOUSLY about Eva Mendes. Ryan is telling his mother about how horrible, mean, and wicked she is to him. So smart of Ryan to go to the #1 woman in his life.

    9. Debbie's face totally makes sense now. She hates Eva. Debbie's just like us!

    More proof that Debbie hates Eva.

    10. Okay, the conversation ended. Ryan looks relieved. The conversation helped.

    Cheer up, Debbie! You gave us this beautiful gift! Ryan will break up with Eva soon!

    Bonus picture of Ryan looking hot:

    All photos from PAPN/AKM-GSI