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33 Things To Love About Men's Water Polo

What a beautiful sport.

1. Serbia.

2. The United States.

3. Romania.

4. Hungary.

5. Great Britain.

6. Italy.

7. Everything.

8. About.

9. Greece.

10. When a team walks into the arena.

11. The moment right before the teams jump into the water.

12. Whenever someone jumps into the water.

13. Whenever someone leaves the water.

14. Whenever a team scores and they show the bench.

15. Whenever the other team scores and they show the bench.

16. Whenever a bad call is made and they show the bench.

17. Basically anytime they show the bench.

18. The contact.

19. The athletes in the background of this picture.

20. The colorful speedos.

21. Underwater cameras.

22. When the game is over.

23. And they show everyone cheering.

24. Italy's 2011 Christmas photo shoot.

25. This Australian dude.

26. This other Australian dude.

27. This dude from Montenegro.

28. Another picture of Greece.

29. Whenever another player accidentally caresses another.

30. Seriously, the underwater cameras are pretty awesome.

31. Gratuitous butt shots.

32. The coach's expression in the left-hand corner.

33. And the fans.