45 Things That Will Make You Sad

Sorry I just ruined your day.

1. Wasted chicken nuggets:

2. This Pug staring longingly at an empty cupcake wrapper:

3. When Chipotle closes unexpectedly:

4. A hedgehog in a cast:

5. A fat dog in a stroller:

6. What people will think of the future:

7. Ice cream on the ground:

9. Kidz Bop the book:

10. This comment on Kirk Cameron’s depressing birthday photo:

11. This tiny little breakfast:

12. A dog sitting on another dog’s head:

13. This miserable baby on a swing:

14. This miserable puppy on a swing:

15. Keanu Reeves quotes:

See more here.

16. This missing Chihuahua:

17. Dinosaurs:

18. This newspaper clipping:

19. The Situation swimming in a pile of money. He makes $5 million a year:

21. Squirrels with yogurt cups stuck on their heads:

22. This dog that obviously doesn’t want to be dressed as a taco:

23. A cat trying to escape from a shower:

24. The real doll support group:

25. Surfing dogs:

26. This Borders sign:

27. Popular music:

28. Plastic surgery:

29. Twilight Moms:

30. A baby elephant stuck in a drain:

31. The fact that this lady exists:

33. Sad Walrus:

34. This mugshot:

35. The girl that did this to herself:

36. Luke Perry posing with fans at DragonCon:

See more pictures of Luke Perry at DragonCon here.

37. Lonely Cheetos:

38. Cher’s lack of internet knowledge:

See more examples here.

39. Santa Pug:

40. This guy:

41. “To Catch A Predator” online conversations:

42. This Christmas card:

43. Anyone that does bath salts:

44. Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ career:

45. An empty jar of Nutella:

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