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39 Things People 24–34 LOVED Growing Up

That was "the shit." —You, reading this post.

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1. This record player toy that wasn't an actual record player but kind of worked like one:

2. Doing the "Macarena" at school talent shows, weddings, your back yard, grandma's funeral etc.:

3. The fishing game — that sounded like a chainsaw whenever you turned it on:

4. Bubble lockets that were virtually impossible to actually blow bubbles from:


6. The original Amazon, except this wasn't Prime and it took weeks to get a damn book:

7. Bubble Beeper gum (which you probably bought mostly for the case because the flavor lasted point two seconds):

8. Making your Hot Wheels cars do sick loops:

9. These things that smelled like a bag of nickels and contained millions of germs:

10. Injecting yourself with lead:

11. Annoying the frig out of your parents or siblings with a Yak Bak:

12. Giant, heavy thick-ass projection TVs that your richest friend(s) always had:

13. Writing "hoe," "boobies," or "boobless" any time you held a calculator:

14. These hard candies that were used as currency in middle school classes around the United States:

15. Listening to 30-seconds of music on your HitClips:

16. Having a slightly problematic email address:


17. Rolling instead of walking (all the time):

18. Having an external webcam that you would set up high and to the side:

19. Thinking MiniDiscs were the greatest things ever, even though did anyone actually own one of these?:

20. Wearing a puka shell necklace:

21. Covering your wrists with little rubber bands to show how woke you were:

22. Playing music on the Windows Media Player for the sick visuals:


23. Reading "Perez":

Perez Hilton

24. Having your portable DVD player with you whenever you had long trips:

25. Putting your age as 99 years old on Myspace:


26. Filling out Myspace surveys so that everyone would think you were smart or funny or weird and emo:


27. Having both an iPod and your phone on you at all times:

28. Wearing state T-shirts that were kinda provocative but actually just lame*:

29. Owning Apple Bottom jeans...

30. ...and boots with the fur:

31. Wearing tie belts because you thought they were cool:

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

32. Having a white Macbook:


33. Taking a million photos that looked like this on Photo Booth and thinking you were artsy or something:

Taylor Swift

34. Taking a ton of photos like this:


35. Flip Video cameras:

36. Netflix DVD subscriptions (and bragging about the DVDs that were in your queue):

37. Making your friends family members on Facebook:

38. Facebook bumper stickers:


39. And, just like, Chingy:

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

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