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    There's No Way You'll Know This Basic Information If You're Under 28

    I pity the youth that doesn't know these 33 things.

    1. All the words to "All Star."

    so much to do so much to see so what's wrong with taking the back streets

    2. Most of the words to "Summer Girls."

    you love fun dip and cherry coke

    3. Just, like, who Mya is.

    mya with a grammy

    4. The pure joy of screaming the lyrics to “Get Low,” particularly “the sweat drop down my balls, all these bitches crawl,” at school dances and/or social functions.

    5. How awkward it made dance chaperones feel when you sang the words to "Get Low" at school dances.

    6. How cool the freeze frame parts in Michelle Branch's "All You Wanted" music video was.

    7. The importance of Ashanti.

    ashanti professional photo

    8. The importance of an Ashanti and Ja Rule collab.

    9. The hysteria over t.A.T.u. being Russian lesbians.

    Tatu kissing

    10. The hysteria that happened when we found out they weren't even actually lesbians, like it was all pretend.

    they're touching each other's boobs

    11. The absolute roller coaster of emotions that went into burning a CD.

    12. The struggle and sacrifice you had to make when deciding how to fill 80 minutes on a CD.

    13. When you burned a new CD just for one or two songs and you filled the rest of the CD with songs you were already sick of.

    burned CDs

    14. The pleasure of illegally downloading music, leaving it overnight, and having it successfully download by morning.

    the limewire main program with downloads

    15. The anguish of illegally downloading music, leaving it overnight, and seeing that it “timed out” or some shit by morning.

    a tweet that says how limewire was the original std because it would infect your computer

    16. Learning how to spot the fake files in the first place.

    A good life skill I possessed from a young age was being able to weed out the fake files on limewire #limewire #songs #alllegalofcoarse

    17. The anxiety of going to Blockbuster for a new release only to find they ran out of the one you wanted.

    inside a blockbuster

    18. When people said “here” like “herre” because of Nelly.

    a screenshot from hot in herre

    19. When people said "there" like "thurr" because of Chingy.

    chingy showing his chain

    20. How cool you felt when you went on AIM Express at school.

    aim express in the library IM me, I'm here

    21. How good it felt to scream all the words to “Hollaback Girl."

    pharell and gwen in the hollaback girl video

    22. How good it felt to scream/sing the words to “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield.

    feel the rain on your skin

    23. And now that you're thinking of "Unwritten," you're thinking of The Hills.

    the girls from the hills

    24. And now that you're thinking of The Hills and "Unwritten," you're probably thinking of “Come Clean” and Laguna Beach.

    the cast of laguna beach

    25. The fear of the black-light test on Room Raiders.

    the girls in the back of the van

    26. The absurdity of the Next bios.

    some girl saying she pooped in a box and mailed it to her boyfriend

    27. The mindless pleasure of rating people on "Hot or Not."

    a hot or not rating screen

    28. The jealousy you felt when your friend got a flip phone.

    a flip phone

    29. The aggression you felt toward your parents when they picked up the phone while you were using the internet.

    30. The blissful feeling of hearing the Pure Moods commercial.

    View this video on YouTube

    Universal Music /

    31. The joy of passive-aggressively putting shady lyrics in your AIM profile because you were mad at your friend.

    32. Shadily leaving out one of your friends in your away message because you were mad at them.

    an away message that says love to my girls AC, AJ, JK, BB, MH and more

    33. And lastly, wanting to die when this happened to your computer.

    the screen of death