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49 Things People From Upstate New York Love

Shout-out to all my fellow upstate New York BuzzFeeders! This is for you.

1. North Faces.

2. Cider donuts.

3. Laughing at other cities when they complain about snow.

4. Obsessing over their love for Stewart's.

5. Obsessing over their love for Stewart's ice cream.

6. Obsessing over their love for Stewart's while eating Stewart's ice cream at Stewart's.

7. Bruegger's.

8. Haunted hay rides (even as an adult).

9. Being annoyed at people who assume you're from New York City when you say you're from New York.

10. Arguing with people about where upstate New York starts.

11. Getting really angry at people from Westchester who say they're from Upstate New York.

12. Quoting Billy Fuccillo.

13. Having intense loyalty and lots of opinions about which supermarket is better.

14. Freihofer's

15. When people from other cities say they love chicken wings.

16. Being incredibly jealous of that one school that is ALWAYS closed.

17. Having a friend with a boat.

18. Having a friend with a lake house.

19. Having a friend with a hot tub.

20. Bragging about how the Adirondack Park is the largest state park in the country.

21. Fall foliage.

22. Bragging about the food specialties in your area, and constantly talking about it when you're out of state.

23. SPAC.

24. Inexplicable love for Dave Matthews (or inexplicable hate because of everyone's inexplicable love).

25. Hating on Schenectady.

26. The track.

27. Local business jingles.

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28. Lakes, in general.

29. Miniature golf.

30. Getting drunk in the woods.

31. Getting drunk on golf courses at night.

32. Getting drunk in someone's basement.

33. Being grossed out by the Hudson River.

34. Keystone Light when you're in high school.

35. Saranac (or some other craft beer) when you're an adult.

36. Calling the town next to you trashy or snobby when it's pretty much the exact same thing as your own town.

37. Bonfires.

38. Judging people based on which SUNY school they go to.

39. Calling colleges by their nicknames.

40. Late-night trips to the 24-hour Walmart Supercenter.

41. Bug spray.

42. Bike paths.

43. Their high school lacrosse team. Also explaining to out-of-staters what lacrosse is.

44. Naming things after Native Americans.

45. Buying your produce from vegetable stands in the summer.

46. Apple picking.

47. Bragging about the Olympics and the Miracle on Ice.

48. Going to the drive-ins and sneaking in at least one of your friends in the trunk.

49. And once more, reminding people that there's more to New York than the city.