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32 Things I Learned At The World's Biggest Pizza Show

Here's everything I learned about the pizza world at the Pizza Expo. Take me back.

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7. Italian pizza makers are extremely stylish.

The Italian buyers were the most stylish at the convention. In a sea of pizza shop owners wearing their hometown pizzeria shirts, they stood out the most.


19. March is convention season.

The Nightclub and Bar convention was going on next door to the Pizza Expo. Every day at around 5 a huge group of extremely drunk people would come out from there.


20. The Northeast has the best non traditional pizza.

The pizza competition are broken up into regions. The Northeast winning team for

"non traditional" pizza had the highest score out of any region.

28. This is where you should eat pizza at the Pizza Expo.

Contestants make one pizza for the judges and one for the crowd. You can try dozens of pizzas from around the world. Truly amazing.

29. Pizza shop owners are over Groupon.

They hate it. Groupon customers are the worst. The only time they use it is when they're starting a new business or during a quiet time of business.

30. There is NOTHING like a pizza acrobatics competition.

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It was one of the best part of the entire expo. These guys are crowd pleasers.

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