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68 Things I Learned At The Democratic National Convention

All of the stuff I noticed while I was at the DNC in Charlotte.

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5. Seriously, everyone needs to get off of their cellphones while someone is speaking.

When someone is speaking, you should be listening! How rude.

I actually saw some lady get scolded by someone in her delegation for being on the phone. I think he saw me taking a picture of her.


15. Democrats are obsessed with recycling.

They had these recycling stations all throughout the DNC. Most of the stations had a recycling station monitor who made sure you were doing it right.

When I went to throw away my iced coffee cup, I got accosted because apparently the cup is recyclable. The straw isn't, that goes into the landfill.

18. Bojangles is the gift from God/ the secret star of the DNC.

Bojangles was all over the place at the DNC. They sold it at both the convention center and the forum. It was common to see fried chicken boxes, like this, abandoned throughout the venues.


21. You also just can't wear a tiny hat on top of a regular hat.

It defeats the purpose!

Cute story about these tiny hats, though: The Texas delegation wore these on the first night because one of their represenatives told them, "No friggin' big hats." So, they went out and got tiny hats.


49. Don't sit in the wrong seat. You will start a fight.

The different colored stickers separate the delegations. I saw some dude from the Texas delegation removing these stickers from some seats, and a screaming match ensued.

56. Democrats are really into their MSNBC/CNN anchors.

This picture is pretty horrible, but this lady is wearing Rachel Maddow/Anderson Cooper pins. I saw a bunch of people wearing these.

I can't say I saw anyone wearing Bill O'Reilly or Gretta Van Susteren pins at the RNC.

61. If you wear something "crazy," reporters will attack you, and you will be a DNC star.

This lady, who wore a flag, was the star of the first day of the convention. She hung out in the lobby and was swarmed by reporters all day. Total fame whore.

62. This is the only newspaper from 9/11 actually published on 9/11.

This guy is a newspaper collector from Charlotte that was selling newspapers outside of the convention center.

I asked him what his most rare newspaper was, and he showed me this one. It's apparently the only newspaper dated September 11 in the country. Most newspapers were printed the day after, September 12.

The end.

All photos by Matt Stopera.

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