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    25 Things Gen Z Hate About Millennials That As A Millennial I Actually Agree With

    Points were made that I have to agree with.

    Hello. Welcome to another list about Gen Z hating on Millennials*.


    I hate when millennials shit on ppl born in between 1998-2002, like yall realize we lived kinda the same as yall

    Twitter: @padawandrei


    i hate when millennials use the word “hubub” like stfu that word is so annoying i hate it

    Twitter: @STAIRWAYT0MARS


    I hate when millennials say “I did a thing” we get it Ashley you got highlights.

    Twitter: @AverettChandler


    I hate when millennials are like “omg you haven’t seen Star Wars? I feel old 😂” like the same ones that came out during your lifetime came out during mine. I’m just not interested. I have a life.

    Twitter: @ayytmarcs


    I hate when millennials use the word journey lol

    Twitter: @_brianbautista


    I hate it when millennials, gen x, and boomers are always like well at least I had a real childhood without any technology like shut tf up no one cares and last time I checked it’s still a childhood

    Twitter: @BayBrandon1


    i hate when millennials say “omg u didn’t have the 7th grade emo phase??&@$&” like no bethany, i had the phase, i just was in 3rd grade and not 7th

    Twitter: @_virgogre


    i hate when millennials are like “uwu im a hufflepuff im a smol bean” shut up sarah just say u got bullied in high school and go on with your day like the rest of us

    Twitter: @luvjupiterrrr


    I hate when millennials try to say "imagine being 15 in 2020" like bitch go take a buzz feed quiz while drinking coffee from your harry potter mug

    Twitter: @justyeehaw


    i hate millennials what the hell is “adulting”

    Twitter: @slimeratt


    I hate when millennials are like, “Okay at least we didn’t eat tide pods 😂🤣🤣” as if there weren’t people planking on balconies.

    Twitter: @RegalFool


    I hate when millennials act like boomers to gen z. Like take a joke and stop hating shit you don’t understand lmao.

    Twitter: @placidposies


    I hate when millennials complain about being a millennial. Bitch own that shit

    Twitter: @eyesac91


    i hate when millennials tell me “oh you wouldn’t understand, you’re too young” like OKAY TIFFANY, just bc i was born in ‘99, that doesn’t mean i don’t know what an easy bake oven is, I KNOW what a brownie that has been cooked by a lightbulb tastes like. don’t insult me.

    Twitter: @sopheuh_


    I hate when Millennials think they are a “traveler” because they went on vacation once last year

    Twitter: @katieingersoll_


    I hate when millennials write "dead" like "ded" like were you laughing so hard you can't physically type the letter "a"? It's one more letter, you got this.

    Twitter: @CandyFairy16


    I hate how millennials really made procrastinating look quirky ffs.

    Twitter: @psp347


    I hate the way millennials respond to gen z kids' not knowing about your childhood toys/tv shows What did you expect? It's been 10 years since your fav show's been popular 💀

    Twitter: @lovelikefolk


    The worst part about millennials getting to their thirties is the skinny jeans.

    Twitter: @Vectner


    worst part about millennials as a generation is how much they hate using excel

    Twitter: @scorpi_no


    I think the worst part about millennials is how hard it is to spell millennials

    Twitter: @BAllen954


    hate when millennials are like “ugh omg i can’t do this adulting today it’s so hard 😫” LIKE YOUR 30 FUCKING YEARS OLD

    Twitter: @DomSaysBruh


    this disney annual pass facebook group is full of millennials who cry when something at the parks is “messed with because it’s a classic” and I hate it here like shut up when you leave that place you have an electric bill to pay

    Twitter: @cobymoore_


    I just hate when old ass millennials always compare their childhood to children’s today. It’s like our phones aren’t even the same from when we were kids.

    Twitter: @PlutoSummers


    i hate millennials but their avocado toast is so fking good 😧🤤🥑

    Twitter: @leviswarmtea