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17 Things All Straight People Do That 85% Of Gay People Are Still Afraid To

If you know, you know.

1. Hold hands.

News headline: Hate crime charges: Man spit at, stabbed gay couple holding hands on Capitol Hill

2. Hold hands in broad daylight.

@SFPD Me+my partner were verbally assaulted, shoved and spat on 4 holding hands @ 6th & Market in broad daylight. Police chased, tackled, arrested

Twitter: @jgrinius

3. Hold hands after a night out.

Last night me and my boyfriend we’re walking home from the club holding hands,When a white male comes running up behind yelling “fucken faggots” and stabs me in the neck and stabs my boyfriend in his hand & on his back ... I’m just thankful we’re alive ❤️ #IMHEREANDQUEER

Twitter: @chrishuizar

4. Hold hands at a park.

News headline: Gay couple holding hands beaten in London hate crime

5. Hold hands at a bar.

News headline: London Man Jailed For Smashing Gay Man’s Face With Pint Glass In Pub Attack

6. Hold hands on the subway.

News headline: Gay man pepper sprayed for holding hands with a man in the subway

7. Hold hands while "walking, just laughing and talking to each other."

News headline: Gay couple brutally attacked while holding hands in Texas, they say

8. Hold hands at a Pride parade.

News headline: They were holding hands after the gay pride parade. Then four men attacked them

9. Hold hands after seeing a movie.

Gay couple holding hands attacked after leaving manhattan movie theater

10. Hold hands on the way home from a friend's party.

News headline: gay couple attacked by teens with boltcutters for holding hands

11. Hold hands at a soccer game.

News headline: gay fans warned holding hands at russie world cup will be dangerous

12. Hold hands at a resort on vacation.

News headline: Gay couple shot in Mexican street for holding hands in suspected homophobic hate crime

13. Hold hands in your own neighborhood.

New at 9-- Gay couple attacked just blocks from their home. They say they were stabbed because they were holding hands and stranger yelled homophobic slurs. Hear their terrifying story

Twitter: @JulieLeonardiTV

14. Hold hands at a food truck.

news headline: gay couple beaten by gang of 4 after holding hands at a food truck

15. Hold hands on vacation.

news headline: jamaica tourism chief claims LGBTI tourists welcome despite gay sex ban. Gay couples can be arrested for hodling hands

16. Hold hands surrounded by 50 people in the middle of New York City.

News headline: Gay couple brutally assaulted for holding hands in nyc say 50 people watched, did nothing

17. And hold hands, just even once.

News headline: Couple suffer unprovoked homophobic attack while holding hands in public for the first time

A 2019 survey found 85% of LGBTQ people feared holding their partners hand in public.

a gay couple holding hands in a movie theatre

But this BuzzFeed post isn't supposed to discourage gay people from holding hands.

Times are changing.

Just saw two high school boys holding hands as they walked around town. Such courage. Times are really changing!

Twitter: @chrishyde

From Utah...

Just saw a middle school aged gay couple holding hands in a small town in UTAH and I'm pretty sure my grinch heart grew 3 sizes. #progress

Twitter: @MrLeubsdorf New Mexico...

young gay couple holding hands while christmas shopping in albuquerque. unthinkable just a few years ago. #progress in america!

Twitter: @tagchristof basically everywhere.

y'all i saw 2 women holding hands earlier, that's the first time in my 22 years of living in this city that i've seen people be gay in public :')

Twitter: @bunnielesbian

Slowly but surely the once unthinkable is becoming reality.

Random gay couple holding hands. When I came out in 80's this casual PDA was unthinkable. #lgbt #progress

Twitter: @KJennings

Day-to-day visibility is important...

So nice to see Gay Couples at Disney holding hands or arms around each others waists. The times they are a changing! #loveislove

Twitter: @livingdead8oy @russfla

...and eventually, someday, this won't even be a *thing.*

gay people holding hands

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