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19 Things Most Straight People Have No Idea Gay People Can't Do

*looks around nervously*

All of the following are things gay people can't do safely in 2019.

1. Walk down the street.

2. Ride the bus.

3. Take the subway.

4. Go to a park.

5. Listen to "flamboyant music."

6. Go grocery shopping.

7. Just, like, live in a house.

8. Hold hands.

9. Walk a dog.

10. Go on an app made for gay people.

11. Eat at a restaurant.

12. Hang a flag.

13. Speak.

14. Take an Uber.

15. Go to Pride.

16. Get a tattoo.

WATCH: Village Moon tattoo parlor manager calls local residents, a married gay couple, "faggots" then punches one of them. We will not let this stand! Queens must remain a safe place for LGBTQ+ people. Anti-hate rally tomorrow, 10am.

17. Live in a major city.

18. Live anywhere.

19. And be legally protected under the law.

The end.

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