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23 Things Most Straight People Have No Idea Gay People Can't Do

*Looks around nervously*

1. Walk down the street.

News headline: Gay couple holding hands beaten in London hate crime

2. Ride the bus.

News headline: Gay couple beaten for refusing to kiss on London bus

3. Park a car.

News headline: Gay couple viciously beaten while walking together in parking garage

4. Take the subway.

News headline: Bully screams homophobic abuse then spits at gay man on Tube on horror video

5. Go to a park.

News headline: Man strangled until unconscious in homophobic attack in London park

6. Listen to "flamboyant music."

News headline: Arizona man is attacked by mob of people in possible anti-gay hate crime, and a quote from the piece saying he was targeted because he was listening to flamboyant music

7. Go grocery shopping.

News headline: Police hunt for bigot who punched man in anti-gay hate crime assault outside Brooklyn supermarket

8. Just, like, live in a house.

News headline: Orlando man cuts power to home of gay couple then attacks one of them

9. Walk a dog.

News headline: New Orleans man booked on hate crime charge after aiming punch and anti-gay slur at man walking dog

10. Film a TikTok.

News headline: Big punches and yells anti-gay slur at man recording TikTok video in NYC

11. Go camping.

News headline: Gay man says group of 7 beat him unconscious while camping

12. Go on an app made for gay people.

News headline: Third person is charged with hate crime in violent kidnapping spree targeting gay men on Grindr

13. Go to a casino.

News headline: A gay couple was beaten bloody outside a Missouri casino but police won't say it's a hate crime

14. Eat at a restaurant.

News headline: Gay couple says they were kicked out of Big Boy Gyros restaurant for hugging

15. Go to gay bars.

News headline: Alt-right homophobe plots to infiltrate gay bar and deliberately infect LGBT community with Covid-19

16. Hang a flag.

News headline: Gay man loses two front teeth in horrifying attack after putting up a rainbow flag

17. Talk "gay."

News headline: Man threatened with a gun after allegedly talking gay

18. Speak.

News headline: Former executive sues Goldman Sachs after allegedly being fired for being too gay

19. Take an Uber.

News headline: Brooklyn woman says Uber driver attacked her and made homophobic threats

20. Get a tattoo.

WATCH: Village Moon tattoo parlor manager calls local residents, a married gay couple, "faggots" then punches one of them. We will not let this stand! Queens must remain a safe place for LGBTQ+ people. Anti-hate rally tomorrow, 10am.

21. Go to Pride.

News headline: Homophobic woman launched wine bottle at man's head after Brighton Pride

22. Hug.

News headline: Gay couple brutally attacked by gang who hurled homophobic slurs at them for hugging but police say it wasn't a hate crime

23. And hold hands.

News headline: Gay couple brutally attacked while holding hands in Texas they say