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    33 Things I've Discovered That Americans Do Better Than 95% Of The World

    From big salads to cold brew.

    I've been making lists about *weird* American things for years, and here are the things I've discovered and realized Americans actually do better.

    1. Salads, especially big salads — like, people say Americans are unhealthy, but our salad culture is THRIVING.

    2. 24-hour stores.

    a mcdonald's

    3. Our grocery stores have 72 brands of yogurt, 22 brands of milk, and 172 types of soda to choose from.

    the cereal aisle

    4. Ranch dressing.

    a bottle of ranch dressing

    5. Window screens.

    Not sure why all of Europe decided to ignore the invention of the window screen, but at least my new wasp roomies don't attack me too often

    All windows need screens!

    6. Drive-in movie theaters.

    7. Drive-thrus for literally everything.

    8. Iced coffee/cold brew.

    9. Diners.

    10. Seasonal flavored things.

    11. Halloween, in general.

    a spirit halloween warehouse

    12. Hamburgers, steak, and CRISPY bacon.

    a hamburger

    13. The ability to turn right on red at stop lights.

    a red light

    14. Drying machines.

    15. Gyms.

    a planet fitness

    16. Movie theater popcorn with butter.

    a popcorn butter machine

    17. Hot sauce selection.

    You know you're in America when... All the diner tables have a selection on hot sauce. #TravelDanners

    18. Peanut butter.

    19. Just, like, Trader Joes.

    a trader joes storefront

    20. Bagels and cream cheese.

    a loaded bagel

    21. Spiked seltzer.

    white claw

    22. Birthday cake–flavored things.

    23. Voting stickers.


    24. Side dishes.

    a thanksgiving dinner

    25. Ben and Jerry's ice cream variety.

    a chocolate fudge brownie pint

    26. Road trips.

    a small american town

    27. Fortune cookies.

    a fortune cookie

    28. Garage sales and thrift stores.

    a garage sale

    29. "Designer" weed.

    a marijuana dispensary

    30. The strength of cocktails.

    a bartender free pouring

    31. Free bread at restaurants.

    32. Ice water.

    a cup of iced water

    33. And, of course, fall — like, the season.

    a girl celebrating fall