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These Then & Now Pictures Of NSYNC And The Backstreet Boys Will Make You Feel 87-Years-Old

Some of them are almost 50.

I've looked up what our boys are up to today and get ready to be feel older than dirt!

We'll start with NSYNC.

Chris then:

Chris now:

He's 47 and living in Orlando.

He hosts TRL nights.

Joey then:

Joey now:

He also owns a hot dog food truck and restaurant in Orlando called "Fat One's."

He now self-identifies as "FAT-ONE."

And is really, really just embracing the "FAT-ONE" thing.

Oh yeah, Joey has a daughter who just turned 18-years-old.

JC then:

JC now:

His social media is pretty empty, but on January 19 he posted a short video of a dancing rabbit on some carrots with the caption "CARROTS ANYONE?"

Lance then:

Lance now:

He's 39 and married.

He's also the father of two baby boys.

Justin then:

Justin now:

He's still married to Jessica Biel and they have one kid.

He released an album in 2018.

And now the Backstreet Boys.

Nick then:

Nick now:

He has a wife and a kid and is currently the only member of BSB under 40. He's 39.

AJ then:

AJ now:

AJ just released a country song. He dressed up as an old man for the music video, "Boy And A Man."

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He's 41 and has two kids and a wife.

Kevin then:

Kevin now:

Kevin has 8 kids, all of them boys.

Just kidding. He has two kids and a wife. He's 47.

He also has a very cute puppy named Baloo.

Howie then:

Howie now:

Howie takes lots of selfies in business class on airplanes. It's like his thing.

He has two kids and a wife. He's 45.

He's very very dad.

Brian then:

Brian now:

He's 44 with a wife and a teenage son.

His son is trying to be a country singer.

And there you have it, everyone in your favorite boy bands has a bunch of kids, is married, and lives in the suburbs.

You are old.