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These Pictures Of Britney And Justin Together Today Will Blow Your Mind/Make You Weep

Hold me. It's all too much.

So I know we're not supposed to dwell in the past. Dwelling in the past is bad. IT'S BAD.

But these pictures, people. THESE PICTURES.

Just imagine...

The red carpets...

...the trips to Target...

...and their many No. 1 smashes. IMAGINE THE CD COVERS/PROMO SHOTS.

Here's a totally not creepy picture of Britney and Justin next to Beyoncé and Jay Z. The award shows, people. Imagine the crowd shots.

Under the covers...

... posing for the papz.

Just, you know, being a cute couple in a long-term relationship.

OMG they are such goobs!

They are also hot.

At a Dodgers game...

... hanging with NSYNC...

...and bumping it in their luxury cars. How his fedora stays on, nobody knows.

Watching the kids at soccer games. THINK ABOUT ALL OF THE CANDIDS.

But alas, it's all a dream. The world is cruel. Life sucks.

H/t to all of you Exhalers for making me aware of this. Bless your hearts. Special thanks to John Gara for making some of these edits as well.