These Bloopers From Hilary Duff’s New Music Video Are Actually Too Cute

How can you not love Hilary Duff?!


2. Simmer down, now. I have an announcement.

3. The queen of walking around LA…


4. … and looking mad cute in post-gym candids.


5. The #1 mom…

6. … with the low-key song of the summer.

7. Yes, Miss Hilary Duff. Well, she’s got this really cute blooper video.

8. Featuring that lady with the Kate Gosselin wig…

9. … that hot dude getting smacked in the face.

10. Also that hot dude flexing his teets…

11. … and more issues proving just how volleyball-challenged our girl Hil is.

12. But really, IN CONCLUSION, it’s about Hilary being adorable.

13. And the best.

14. And the OG Lizzie queen.

16. Watch ALL OF THE BLOOPERS here:

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