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    26 Things You Definitely Do That Makes The Barista At Starbucks Hate You

    It's tall, not small.

    1. You should know what you want when you get to the register, and for the love of god never start with "uhhhh."

    Seriously, they hate "uhh."

    2. Never pronounce "croissant" in a French accent unless you are actually French.

    Seriously, people do this. Don't.


    3. Don't pay with "T-rex arms."

    4. Never mention another Starbucks.

    5. ALWAYS make sure your straw wrappers make it in the trash.

    Seriously. This. Is. Not. Okay.

    6. A frappe is a McDonald's thing. A Frappuccino is a Starbucks thing.

    7. But basically, never order Frappuccinos.

    8. And don't order an "upside-down iced caramel macchiato."

    9. Never give them some dumb fake name. It's not cute.

    10. Always start your drink order by saying the size of your drink.

    11. Also make sure you use the right lingo.

    12. Don't ask for a PSL when there are no signs for PSL. You will know when it's PSL season.

    13. Don't complain about running late and then go to Starbucks.

    14. And never complain about something being "expensive."

    15. It's pronounced "ah-sigh-ee."

    16. A cappuccino always has foam.

    17. A frappuccino is FROZEN.

    18. And no surprise: Teenage girls are their worst nightmares.

    19. They don't like when you go crazy on the mobile orders.

    20. They do not like giving you cups of water.

    21. And don't ask for a bag.

    22. Always tell them you have a coupon BEFORE you order your drink.

    23. Never order a drink based on its color.

    24. Don't just use Starbucks as your own personal bathroom.

    25. Make sure you tell them "iced" or "hot" beforehand.

    26. And lastly never, ever order anything from the "secret menu."

    It will just make the barista angry.

    And also everyone around you.

    The end.