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The Untold Story Of Mr. Rogers And Koko The Gorilla

Just a story about a man and a gorilla.

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One day, long ago, in a land far far away, I think it was California...

There was a man.

And there was a gorilla.

The man and the gorilla had one of those rare, special bonds.

A bond that was both physical.

And spiritual.

Everyone was happy for the two of them...

... everyone except The Lady In The Ugly Khaki Vest.

The Lady In The Ugly Khaki Vest tried time and time again to break them up.

"You are a gorilla. He is a man. This will never work," The Lady In The Ugly Khaki Vest said.

"WE WILL WORK! WE WILL WORK!," the man said (because gorillas can't speak duh).

And so whatever, they cuddled.

And tried to ignore that annoying lady in the really ugly baggy khaki vest.

And eventually, The Lady In The Ugly Khaki Vest got tired of watching an old man and a gorilla cuddling.

So she left.

And they lived happily ever after.

Until they broke up.

The end.

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