The Ultimate Guide To Boyband 3.0: The Wanted Vs. One Direction

Have you heard? Boybands are in again. Here’s everything you need to know about the two biggest groups right now: The Wanted and One Direction. It’s NSYNC vs. BSB all over again. PICK YOUR TEAM.

1. Both bands are British:

Well mostly. One member of each band is Irish.

2. Meet The Wanted:

3. Meet One Direction:

4. The Wanted’s ages:

5. One Direction’s ages:

6. The Wanted were formed in 2009 through a mass audition:

7. One Direction was discovered on the UK version of X-Factor:

8. The Wanted’s big hit:

9. One Direction’s big hit:

10. Adorable interview with The Wanted:

View this embed ›

As seen on VH1 Morning Buzz.

11. Adorable interview with One Direction:

12. The Wanted shirtless:

13. One Direction shirtless:

14. The Wanted breaking records:

15. One Direction breaking records:

16. A member of The Wanted (Jay) messing around with a fan:

17. A member of One Direction (Niall) messing around with a fan:

18. The Wanted’s nude photo scandal:

Jay was apparently caught jerking off or something on Chat Roulette. You can seet he picture here.

19. One Direction’s nude photo scandal:

Harry had a nude photo of him leak onto the Internet. You can see that picture here.

20. Two members from One Direction kissing:

21. Two members from The Wanted kissing:

22. A slow jam by The Wanted:

23. A slow jam by One Direction:

24. The Wanted messing around:

25. One Direction messing around:

26. The Wanted with dog:

27. One Direction with dogs:

28. The Wanted wearing suits:

29. One Direction wearing suits:

30. The Wanted embracing their gay fans:

GT is a gay magazine.

31. A member of One Direction embracing gay fans:

32. The Wanted acoustic:

As seen on VH1 Morning Buzz.

33. One Direction acoustic:

And here are some more pictures of both bands for comparison:

35. The Wanted:

36. One Direction:

37. The Wanted:

38. One Direction:

39. The Wanted:

40. One Direction:

So, what team are you on?!?!

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