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    The Ultimate Creation Fest Fashion Guide

    Fab or drab? I break down this year's hottest fashions at Christian music's biggest festival.

    Fab: "Edward or Jacob can't save you, Jesus can" lady

    Drab: God over money guy

    Fab: Neon bible beanie guy

    Drab: This shirt

    Fab: This giraffe that's angry about evolution

    Fab: Hunger For God shirt

    Drab: "Amen" shirt

    Fab: Angry Birds shirt

    Fab: Jesus King of Reese's shirt

    Drab: These Ed Hardy inspired hats

    Fab: God's refrigerator shirt

    Fab: Weapons of Warfare shirt

    Fab: Godiswiser

    Drab: NYC = New You In Christ hat

    Fab: Rib shirt

    Fab: Trix is for everyone shirt

    Drab: More Ed Hardy inspired wear

    Fab: Arc is the first cruise ship shirt

    Drab: Messiah Monster shirt

    Fab: Mosh for Jesus shirts.

    Drab: Wear da word

    Fab: Tech services guy

    Fab: God's got your back shirt

    Drab: "Sweet Child Of Mine" shirt

    Drab: Anything Christian Outfitters

    Drab: Born Again trucker hat

    Fab: This singer

    Drab: What you wear shirt

    Fab: What happens in Vegas will be revealed in heaven

    Drab: Mashed potato animal dude

    Fab: Satan got Punk'd

    Drab: This jorts disaster!

    Fab: Older technical stage guy

    Drab: This lady's hair

    PS. I know absolutely nothing about fashion. I wear jorts every day.