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The Ultimate Britney Spears On X-Factor Tribute

Britney Spears is basically the best thing to happen to television ever.

Last night, the legendary Ms. Britney Spears made her debut as a judge on The X-Factor.

How was it/how did she do?

Let me think about it...


Not sure still...

*Chews gum*

OK, I think I got it.


Why was it so awesome?

Well, #1 she's the legendary, iconic Britney Spears.




Let's see some of those faces in motion.

Her signature "Britney Doesn't Have Time For Your Shit" faces:

Bravo! She deserves an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, VMA, Tony, basically all of the awards for those faces.

Also her tiny clap.

And tiny wave.

Have I mentioned she's also totally brilliant?

So, you're probably thinking Britney's a total mean bitch.

Like this girl.

But really, she's just honest and particular.

Now let's take a closer look at her critiques...

Or I guess I should say her rejections.

No one can reject a contestant like Britney Spears can reject a contestant. No one.

To sum her critiques up in 3 gifs:

And then this happened....

Britney's former duet partner from 1998 came on stage and got all emotional. Britney, being her honest self, had to deny him.

She was genuinely "touched."

And then this "southern belle" stranger girl came on stage.

And Britney was like nope.

High five.


But really she's not so sorry.

In conclusion,